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Our staff development courses will equip your teams to become more aware of self and others resulting in a more collaborative and effective team.


Become aware of your own thinking and behavioural preferences, and use this knowledge to interact and work more effectively with others.


Explore the Work Life Balance Circle. Identify your core values and use tools to live by these.

personality types

Using MBTI or HBTI to identify personality types. Being aware of and appreciating differences between us and using this knowledge in the workplace and personal lives.

conflict management

Learn how to analyse conflict situations using conflict mapping and the "three conversations" method.

decision making & problem solving

Gather information and strategize complex issues or problems to decide on the most appropriate course of action.


Explore integrity and values and how to embed these into strategic business and personal goals.

What Our participants say...

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Sean Duffy, General Manager at SRA Solutions

I thought you did a fantastic job with the delivery of this unit, for my learning style this was most suitable and left me engaged for the entire day. The mix between group breakout sessions and the delivery of the participant workbook was well balanced, as a facilitator you managed the timing of the content throughout the day perfectly.

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