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management & leadership

By developing both individual and collective leadership capability, our leadership and management courses will set up your leadership team for success. You can choose one targeted area or combine multiple courses to create your own customised leadership program.


Facilitate effective meetings whilst using strategies for managing different behaviours.

performance management

Set clear expectations of individuals and teams and learn to conduct performance appraisals.


Learn about the emerging leadership discourse of "Eco leadership" and why it is so vital in today's world.

giving & receiving feedback

A strategic approach to giving and receiving feedback whilst considering different communication styles.


Identify opportunities, foster innovation and support teams through the change process.


Explore and learn how to coach with real presence and skill.

dynamic training

Learn how to design and facilitate effective training sessions while catering for the various learning styles of participants.

managing self & leading teams

Explore your own authentic leadership style and journey, to lead teams and organisations with purpose, energy and direction.

emotional intelligence

Explore the mindset and skills involved in acknowledging and managing our own emotions, as well as recognising and positively influencing the emotions of others.

What Our participants say...

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Sean Duffy, General Manager at SRA Solutions

I thought you did a fantastic job with the delivery of this unit, for my learning style this was most suitable and left me engaged for the entire day. The mix between group breakout sessions and the delivery of the participant workbook was well balanced, as a facilitator you managed the timing of the content throughout the day perfectly.

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